January 10, 2019

My Journey into Vegnism

Tall Dark Vegan
The musings of a recovering carnivore and tea drinker.

Early last year much to the shock of my family and friends I became a vegan. In my previous life, I was a hardcore carnivore whose attitude to food was governed by this one self-made rule "if there not a dead animal on my plate I'm not eating it".

My reasons for turning vegan were not as noble as some of those you often come across. I had very little concern or knowledge about the treatment of animals or our environment. My reasons were rooted in my own stinginess and a mild sense of narcissism. If I eat all this green stuff and fruit, I thought, I save a ton of money and I'll look cracking in my shorts when I take my holidays.

When I started taking my journey in veganism I realized that this was not necessarily true. You can easily gorge on chips, some popular crisps, biscuits, teas and breads. There are also a whole host of vegan alternatives to ice creams and meats out there although I would say that these are a bit hit and miss. Often, these are not great value either as the prices of the vegan branded goods seem to carry some sort of hidden vegan tax!

After consuming a whole tub of Ben & Jerry's peanut butter & cookie vegan ice cream in one sitting, I realized the financial and health benefits of veganism would be negligible if I did not start to prepare and cook my own food. I really enjoy finding new ways to cook veggies, beans, lentils, chickpeas etc. Being of Caribbean descent I always took unseasoned cooked meat on my plate as a criminal offence to my tastebuds and I apply the same rule to veggies. Vegan dishes need to be loved and seasoned in order to save them from the label of banality.

So far, my journey into veganism has been fun, enjoyable and far easier than I initially thought. I understand that being vegan is not a choice for everyone. Veganism should never be a reason to hate or dislike another group of people who choose to live their lives a different way.  In order for veganism to continue to flourish and thrive it should remain open and all-inclusive even to us stingy narcissists. 

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