About Us


Welcome to Mystic Brew Teas

A tea experience like no other, our exciting range of loose leaf blends will change the way you view tea. We provide a range of teas that goes beyond the traditional English breakfast or Earl grey with exciting loose leaf teas that can be drunk anytime of the day.

Our Name

We got inspiration for our name from a legendary jazz/funk track called Mystic Brew by Ronnie Foster. This song has been sampled many times and was most famously sampled by A Tribe Called Quest for their classic track Electric Relaxation.

Ethical Tea Partnership

We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we've built with tea suppliers from around the world. We care where our teas come from and all our tea suppliers are monitored by the Ethical Tea Partnership an organisation working tirelessly to ensure welfare of those working within the tea industry.


We care about our impact on the environment. Our tea comes in variety of eco-friendly packaging including recyclable caddies and biodegradable pouches,even the mailing box and the tape we use are recyclable.

Our Tea

We are really passionate about tea and we firmly believe that quality is the most important thing in a world that has sold itself to mass production. Our aim is to provide our customers with the best loose leaf tea at prices that won't break the bank. 

Customer Service

We care about our customers experience and we are always here to help on your tea journey whether you are a tea connoisseur or a tea novice! 

 Artwork by Michelle Izzard


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